Our clients testimonials

Our projects are appreciated by clients who are willing not only to share their positive opinions with us, but also to continue cooperation with us on a subsequent projects.

Project : Apartment in Angel Wawel

“Agata and her team helped me tremendously with designing and furnishing my apartment. Her vast experience, good taste and dedication makes the overall project a great pleasure to work on.”

Michał Skawiańczyk

“Agata is positive and honest professional. She does not cut corners and attempt to do the best work. She is detail oriented with great understanding of design requirements which is the best you could ask for from an architect that is also overlooking your project. It is very rare you could find such loyal honest professionals.
I would recommend her services to my best friends. You can communicate with me by mail: elimore360@gmail.com.”

Eli Moore

Project : Apartment nearby Wawel Castle

Project : Diagonal House – Ruptawa

“Goik Architects urealnili nasze oczekiwania. Innowacyjne podejście sprostało naszym potrzebom i pozwoliło nam
znaleźć rozwiązania, o których nie mieliśmy pojęcia.”

Kornelia i Janusz

“I had the opportunity to work with Agata when designing my house. Agata provided a cost efficient housing plan and generously provided many improvisations when requested. She has a meticulous approach in gathering details and is attentive to client needs.”

Lijo Philip

“My interaction with Agata was always with mutual respect.
She can translate your thoughts into the drawing paper and
she choose the right people to do the job and the result was
to my satisfaction.”

Abraham Epstein

Project : Flat in a tenement building at Dietla Street